voLANte Viewer network dongle

If a project has multiple seat licenses of voLANte viewer, there should be a USB dongle attached to the server that is controlling the licenses.  If you are having problems with viewer similar to:

1. You are using all of your licenses 

2.  Viewer works on a client machine for a period of time, and then a receives an error asking the User to Re-Install the license.

2.  Rebooting the network server with the USB dongle attached corrects this issue.

Then you can fix the problem by changing the timeout value associated with licenses. 

Problem Resolution Steps:

1.  Download NetKeyMonitor.exe

2.  Run the monitor on the server WITH the USB Dongle attached.  This will tell you how many licenses are being used, and what the network timeout is.

3.  Download KLTCPIP.DAT and put the file into \Windows\System32  - on the server with the dongle. Restart the server.

4.  Re-run NetKeyMonitor.  You should now see a timeout period of one minute. 

If a client machine crashes/loses connection to the network, their key license will expire after one minute - releasing that license to be used again.  When the client is rebooted, this should resolve the problem of asking them to re-install the license key. 

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