VTT114 Transcoder

NOTE - The VTT-114 has been discontinued.  For future H.264 Solutions, please refer to the N3000 series of products.


VTT-114 Transcoder


The VTT114 Transcoder accepts a JPEG2000 input video stream and converts to H.264 for applications such as internet streaming or video-to-the-desktop. Output resolutions from 480p/i to 1080i are supported and the H.264 bitrate can be adjusted between 500-kbps and 6-Mbps. The VTT114 offers low-latency codec conversion that integrates seamlessly with SVSi’s existing, easy-to-use control options.

SVSi provides the right codec for the right task. Now both codecs can be used at the same time for visually loss-less video distribution (JPEG2000) or ultra-low bandwidth video streaming (H.264) – either on their own separate network or both riding on the same network. Common control systems in the form of Conductor NetLite software, or third-party control make video-over-IP distribution and switching as easy as possible.



How to set up a VTT114


To physically set up your VTT114 you will need:

  • 2 Cat5e (or greater) Ethernet patch cables

  • 1 Standard power supply cable (included)

  • A rack to mount the unit into

  • A gigabit capable switch to connect to


After making all appropriate connections and powering on your VTT114, you will need to do the following:

Inbound Encoder Setup:

  1. Download Conductor Netlite from SVSi's website. (http://svsiav.com/support/resources/#software)

  2. Install the software and run it.

  3. Ensure that you set a second static IP address of 169.254.X.X and a subnet mask of into your computer's network card.

  4. Connect to the same switch that the VTT114 is connected to.

  5. Open Netlite and select the “Unit Management” tab

  6. Select the “Auto Discover” button

  7. Once your VTT114s encoder shows up within the list, double click it.

  8. Within this menu you can change a variety of options with regard to the behavior of the encoder section of your VTT114 to include video quality and IP settings. Set up your encoder as you need it.


Outbound Transcoder Setup

  1. If your current IP address is something different from the standard private IP address scheme (192.168.1.X, please add an IP address to your computer's network card that is within the same range as the example address.

  2. Open your preferred web browser

  3. Access your transcoder by typing one of the following IP addresses into your address bar of your browser:



  4. You will at this point be prompted for a user name and password. The default values are as follows:

  • Username: admin

  • Password: TCode256

  1. At this point, configuration of the unit is entirely up to you and what your particular install needs.


Transcoder Output Streams


The VTT114 is capable of outputting a variety of streams to suit your particular needs. The streams and their associated Wiki pages are listed below


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