Known Problematic Equipment with SVSi Systems

While SVSi encoders, decoders and other network accessories typically work out of the box with most input or output devices, some devices are known to cause problems when interacting with an SVSi System.  This list may not be complete, and items are added, removed or updated as issues are resolved and worked on.  If you know of another source or display that is having issues with SVSi devices, please contact our technical support staff to help resolve the issues or to be added to the list..


 Manufacturer: Model:  Issue:  Resolution: Updated:
Polycom  8000/9000 series VTC Codecs When the VTC Codec comes out of sleep/hibernation, the codec can periodically have problems re-syncing video with the SVSi decoder. This primarily appears to cause problems with the content input on the codec.

1) Modify settings in the codec to prevent going to sleep between calls.

2) Insert a video scaler between the SVSi decoder and the video codec so that consistent video is maintained, even when no source present, or codec is hibernating.

3) Disable SVSi decoder(s) DVI input port when VTC codec is not in use.  Re-enable prior to initiating next call.

D-Link  DGS-1024D gigabit switch with green technology Shuts down multicast video traffic from all ports  None – not recommended for use with SVSi's Networked AV products 12/4/2013
Kramer  VS-88H Matrix switch Output video timing in non-standard resolution/rates resulting in poor video quality.  None – not recommended for use with SVSi's Networked AV products 12/4/2013
Black Magic Design  HD-SDI to HDMI converter Would only output 59.94-Hz – not 60-Hz  Force SVSi encoder EDID to 60-Hz at appropriate resolution 12/4/2013
Netgear  GS-series managed switches  Cannot reliably handle video or audio traffic  None – not recommended for use with SVSi's Networked AV products 12/4/2013
Denon  Model 1910 DVD player  Output video timing is non-standard resulting in poor video quality  None – not recommended for use with SVSi's Networked AV products 12/4/2013
Crestron  3-Series Processors (When utilizing Control Subnet LAN port)  “Control Subnet” port takes over DHCP and IGMP-query functions for all devices resulting in video drop-outs and unpredictable behavior Connect all Networked AV products on the “LAN” port and only Crestron products on the “Control Subnet” port 12/4/2013
Canon  XA10 Professional Camcorder  HDMI EDID table in non-standard resulting in output 1080i video with jitter  Use at 480p resolution only or insert a scaler between camera and encoder 12/4/2013
Cisco-Tandberg  CTS-PHD-1080P12XS Camera  Non-standard timing on 1080p video causing jitter  Use at 720p resolution only 12/4/2013
Apple  Mac Mini  After disconnecting Mac Mini from SVSi encoder, subsequent video sources plugged into same encoder will not perform valid EDID handshake without resetting EDID  Reset EDID on encoder if subsequent video source display is problematic 12/4/2013
Christie FHD551-X Display has sync issues at all resolutions, requires custom timing for video output from decoder SVSi is currently working to resolve this issue 12/4/2013
Cisco/Tanberg C40 & C60 Camera Input goes black when HDMI audio disabled Enable HDMI audio on Decoder, but mute audio if needed. 02/17/2014
DirectTV H25MP-700 Cable box sporadically drops digital audio to the SVSi Encoder after an extended period of being powered on or no changes on the unit.   Color changes have also been reported - usually shown with a pink screen.

1) Power cycle the cable box periodically during periods of system inactivity.

2) Use analog audio out of the cable box to the SVSi encoder

3) Change encoder color space from auto to on or off, whichever value makes the image correct during normal operation.  If color changes, issue is source specific. 

Digital Projection E-Vision 6000 Projector flashes at all resolutions when a SVSi N-Series decoder is used as the source and scaling is disabled. Using N-Series Firmware version 05/09/2014 or later, disable Skew Control in Decoders 05/12/2014
Olympus EVIS Exera III CV-190 During a power cycle event, unit stops outputting video if the Endoscope is powered before the encoder finishes powering on. After encoder completes booting up, power cycle the Endoscope. 07/21/2014
Quantum  760B Certain encoders and decoders of the N-Series are not compatible as source/destination for the Quantum tester.   Hardware has been modified on the below list of models.  Devices with serial number prior to the list below may exhibit problems with the Quantum 760B

N2235   N2235A30000682
N2222   N2222A30000623
N2212   N2212A30000613
N2135   N2135A30000676
N1133   N1133A30000288
N2122   N2122A30000415
N1222   N1222A30001063
N1122   N1122A30001064

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