Video Wall displaying image on one but not all monitors

Certain third party displays that support internal daisy chaining/cropping of images do not pass streams from SVSi decoders to additional monitors in the chain.

An example of this, in a 3x3 video wall, the first monitor in the chain (where the decoder is physically attached) will display either the full image, or a portion of the image.  The additional eight displays in the chain show no source or display on black content. This symptom has been seen on two separate installations, with two different brand video monitors.

To correct this problem:

1) Using either Conductor or Conductor Netlite, navigate to the properties tab of the decoder being utilized to send content to the video wall.

2) Change the YCbCr 4:2:2 Output to ON instead of auto or off (N-Series) or Checked instead of Unchecked (V-Series)

3) Hit save.

This forces the decoder to output the YCbCr Colorspace and appears to correct the issue in known cases.



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