SVSi Warranty and Advanced Replacement Policy

SVSI Warranty and Advanced Replacement Policy:

Full description of the warranty and advanced replacement policy can be found here.

 Effective Immediately:

1) SVSI products are covered under a 3 year warranty that starts on the shipping date of the units.  

2) Exceptions to this include Disk Drive mechanisms and external power supplies (Covered for 1 year)

3) Advanced replacements will be offered for the first Six (6) months from the shipping date of the units


  1. Advanced Replacements will only be offered for the first six (6) months from the date of shipment.
  2. Units must be under factory warranty.

  3. Integrator must have opened a trouble ticket indicating correspondence with SVSi's technical support group before an AR unit will be shipped.
  4. AR units will be shipped typically within 24-hrs of trouble ticket authorization via Fedex 3-day. If partner desires overnight delivery, a Fedex, UPS, or other shipping account number must be provided.
  5. Certain products such as pre-configured network switches,and the N8012 Enterprise controller, while eligible for AR, require extensive configuration and correspondingly longer lead times to ship.
  6. The original unit must be received at SVSi within 30-days or an invoice will be generated.
  7. An Advanced Replacement does not extend the original warranty period.


AMX now offers two new extended warranty programs for qualified products.

These new warranty options require an additional quote from AMX and must be associated to specific product serial numbers.


  • 1 YEAR Offered at time of purchase for 5% of the MSRP price on all qualified AMX products.
  • This FG extends the no fee advanced exchange privileges as defined in AMX's standard warranty for up to 1 year from ship date.



  • Offered at time of purchase for 7% of the MSRP price on all qualified AMX products.
  • This FG extends AMX's standard warranty terms and conditions for up to 5 years from ship date. All specific products that carry a 1
  • year product warranty will be extended to 2 years.


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