Updating Conductor Control System

To Update the Conductor Family of Software Hardware to the most recent version do the following:

 Note - Conductor Server, the VDT-111 and the VDC-108 DiVAS all follow the same steps, but reference their product names in the links.

  1. Check the Announcement Sections of this website (svsiav.zendesk.com) for the most recent .bin File.
  2. Once the file has downloaded, login to the server via the web interface as normal.
  3. Navigate to Admin > Conductor Server Update
  4. Select "Browse" and find the .bin file you downloaded earlier.
  5. Select the file, and then select "Send File"
  6. This will process the update and can take as much as five minutes.  After the update is complete, click the Matrix Link and you will be forced to Re-login. 
  7. Login, and navigate back to the Update Page. 
  8. Confirm the update.

Confirmation is essential, if you fail to complete this step the next time your server reboots, the updates will be abandoned.  This process in intentional, if for any reason the server fails to take the update, this allows you to manually shut it down, and abandon the update process.  If this occurs, attempt to do the update again.  If again the update fails, contact Technical Support for assistance with the update process.



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