Batch Uploading Local and Host play files with Conductor


Batch Uploading Local and Host Play files with Conductor N8001/N8002

Step 1: Upload images and Audio to the Conductor Database

 Navigate to the Conductor Image/Audio database by selecting  Local Play > Edit Image/Audio Database



At the top of the screen, select the "browse" box and navigate to the images stored on the host PC.  Once you have selected the file, choose Open.  If desired, replace the "No Description" text with text of your choosing.  No Special characters are allowed (except dot . and dash - )  Select Send File. This will upload the file to the database, and it will appear (with a preview) in the available images list.

To upload audio files, repeat the process with the browse box on the right hand side of the screen.

Once uploaded, if desired you can change the image description and then click the set description box.   You can also delete both audio and image files from the database by highlighting them in the available images library and selecting delete image.

Step 2:  Build a Playlist


Navigate to Local Play > Edit LP Sets

On the left hand side of the screen is the database images.  The right hand side will be an empty white box.  This is the composed list of images to display as part of the playlist.   Select the images on the right hand side of the screen, and then click the "Add >>" button.  This will add the images to the playlist.  You can then use the up/down boxes to modify the order of the images.  To change the display time, select the images and then enter a time in the hold time box, and click set delay.   Audio options, to either set the list with no audio, or with database audio is at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have created the list to send to the units, choose a Video Output Mode, and enter a Name in the Name box for the list.  When finished, click the "Save as New List" Box.


Note - if editing an existing list (accessed through the list drop down) you can hit "Save List" to save the changes to the list without creating a new playlist


Step 3: Upload to Devices

The next step is to upload the created playlist to the desired devices.  Navigate to Local Play > Batch Upload LP


Select the list you have just created in the previous step from the Source Select Drop Down.  This will load your playlist into the LP Images box on the right hand side of the screen.  Verify that the images and time settings are correct.

Next on the right hand side, choose a destination playlist (Note if using VRR204, this must be playlist 1) and verify the output mode.  You can also choose to upload the list to the devices with either the saved name of the list, or with one you give it in the name box. 

In the Destinations unit box, either Shift + Click to highlight multiple units, or Ctrl + Click to highlight individual units. Once all units have been selected, click the Upload now button.  A pop up will appear to confirm the changes.  Click OK and the Conductor will begin to upload the playlist to all the selected units.


When Conductor indicates it's complete, you can command the units into Local Play (or host play) to activate the playlists.  When completed with testing, don't forget to set the units back to live play.

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