Updating Firmware on N3000 devices

Updating firmware on SVSi devices is a relatively straight forward process.  There are two methods to updating firmware, through the Units internal web page or with a firmware updater provided by SVSi.

The firmware updater is the preferred method, as if there any reasons a unit should not be updated to the new firmware, the updater will inform the user not to perform the update.  The units built in web page does not have these controls.  While not normally an issue, with the current release of n3000 firmware, the units that need to be updated, may have to be stepped through firmware updates as some versions may require a certain minimum firmware version before allowing newer updates.

Failure to follow this update progression may cause the box to enter in a non-functioning state that can only be resolved by sending the unit back to SVSI for repair.


Current Released Firmware Version: 01/09/2014.

Minimum Firmware Date needed to update: 11/24/2013

If the device firmware is prior to 11/24/2013, it will need to be updated to the November firmware prior to being updated to the newest version.




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