Disabling Firewall For VLC Playback





Disabling Firewalls in Windows and Allowing Specific Programs Access


This may be necessary when attempting software updates for your SVSi equipment or for streaming to a VLC with an N3000 encoder. If this is not done you may receive errors when attempting to update SVSi equipment or receive a black screen while using VLC or you may experience image loss after setting a stream on VLC.




1. Go to your control panel depending on the version of windows you are on you may come across a screen similar to this:





2. Once you have navigated to this screen click system and security.




4. After clicking system and security your next screen may look like the image below. From here you can click allow individual apps through or check firewall status. Click Windows firewall to proceed to disable the firewall.










5. On the next window at the left had side of the next screen select the option for turn windows firewall on/off (Or if you are wanting to only allow a specific program access through the firewall proceed to the allowing specific applications section.)







6. Finally on this screen you may turn your firewalls on or off. In some setups system admin may have these options block and in these cases you will have to consult with your system administrator.










Allowing Individual applications:



Once you have arrived at the windows firewall screen you can select advanced settings.







From here on the top left of the window select “Inbound Rules.”





After this is selected on the right side of the window a new set of options for “Inbound Rules” will appear. Click “New Rule”