Setting N3000 for YouTube/RTMP Stream

This example uses YouTube as a CDN.  Most CDN's will accept a RTMP stream, and will have similar setup requirements.  YouTube Interface may also change.



1) YouTube Account and Channel are already created.

2) N3000 Encoder is set to DHCP IP address and Automatic DNS Servers


YouTube Setup:


1) Login to YouTube

2)  Click the "Upload" Button in the top right hand corner

3)  On the Right Hand of the screen is a "Live Streaming" Box.  Click "Get Started"


4) In the Creator Studio, scroll to the bottom of the screen in the Encoder Setup section. 

5) Copy/Paste the Server URL and the Stream Name/Key.  You will need to "reveal" your stream name/key


 6) Login to the N3000 Encoder, and navigate to the Stream Settings Box:

7) set Encoder Output mode to RTMP.

8) Copy the Server URL to the RTMP URL box

9) Copy the Stream Name/Key to the RTMP Stream box

10) Click Save.  The Encoder is now streaming to YouTube.

Some Notes:

1) You may need to modify the quality settings of the Encoder to match YouTube Min/Max policies.  This test was done with the following:


A) Scaler Enabled

B) Output Mode - 720p60

C) Image Quality - 2000 kbits/s

D) Motion Quality - 100%

E) Audio Quality - 192 kbits/s


2) HDCP - Most CDN's (including YouTube) have very robust HDCP filters for both Video and Audio.  Verify all content (including audio) does not violates the terms of service for your CDN

3) HDCP - The Encoder will not pass HDCP content out of the box, for web streaming applications, it is recommended this setting stay in default mode,to help prevent the broadcast of HDCP Content.

4) Encryption - If content is HDCP protected, the encoder will automatically encrypt the output stream.  This will disable the ability for a CDN to receive the content and shut down your RTMP link.



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