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SVSi stands behind our products with free technical phone support for pre-implementation consulting and network planning. This website should also serve as a central resource for those seeking answers to common problems during all phases of project development and deployment. If you have a question not covered by the forums below, please call Technical Support at 256-461-7143 during normal business hours (M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST) or send an email to svsisupport@harman.com.

We also make phone support available for third-party devices not purchased from SVSi but which may be required for project integration. Support for third-party devices such as switches, routers, uplinks, or controllers may be purchased at a rate of $100/hr to be billed in 1/2-hr increments. Since SVSi are not the manufacturer of these devices, support is "best effort" only and non-refundable. Please have a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) available when calling for third-party support.

Assuming Partner meets and maintains credit citeria acceptable to SVSi, payment terms are thirty(30) days net from the invoice date. SVSi accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. A 1.5% surcharge will be added for credit card pre-payments and a 3.0% surcharge will be added for orders paid net-30 by credit card


SVSi Technical Support

Adam Walton May 21, 2015 Announcements

SVSi has identified an issue with N-Commands (N8001,N8002,N8012) running firmware versions dated between 12/24/2014 and 5/11/2015.

The issue is a loss of disk space due to aggressive database rolling backups failing to delete.  Over time the database backups will consume an N-Commands available disk space, until the unit runs out of space.  This process could be a very slow issue, and is more apparent in systems utilizing Panel Builder projects.  This can cause the unit to stop functioning and require a reboot of the controller.  If an N-Command is requiring frequent reboot to maintain operation this update is highly recommended!


If the N-Commands current firmware version needs to be updated, the appropriate firmware update can be found on the SVSi partner portal.  The first version of firmware with the appropriate resolution is 5/20/2015 firmware.

To identify the version of firmware:

1) Log into the N-Command and go to Admin > N-Command 8002 Update (8001, 8012 will show 1 and 12 respectively).

2) On the Firmware page, the current Service version will have a date between 12/24/2014. See screenshot below.

If you have any difficulties downloading the firmware file or updating the N-Command, please contact technical support for further assistance.





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